Top Marine Chalets



Video of the chalet

Sunday to Wednesday
550 KD
Thursday to Saturday
550 KD
Full Week
1000 KD

Chalet Details

  • Al-Khairan, Road 285, the fourth stage
  • 278 signal input
  • 8 master rooms
  • A master maid’s room is enough for 4 maids, two lounges with a sea view
  • Two outdoor sessions on the sea, in addition to a rooftop session with a tan bed
  • Basic kitchen + preparatory kitchen
  • elevator
  • Indoor swimming pool with heater
  • The length of the pool is 4 by 3, the depth is from one meter to 130
  • Shaded private parking
  • A large garden equipped with children’s games + large bouncy
  • Ground floor / hall overlooking the sea, kitchen, maid’s room, swimming pool, coffee corner, baby foot and two outdoor seating
  • First floor / 3 master rooms (2 rooms with a double bed and a room with 2 single beds)
  • Second floor / 5 master rooms (2 double bed rooms, 2 single bed rooms, 3 single beds room, and 4 single beds rooms) preparatory kitchen, overlooking hall with balcony equipped with chairs for tanning


  • Insurance (100) Kuwaiti dinars – to be refunded upon departure
  • Prices vary according to occasions and holidays
  • Entry (12:00 noon) – Departure (2:00 noon)
  • Parties of all kinds are prohibited
  • An amount (50-100 KD) will be deducted from the insurance in the event that the chalet is received unclean as a result of willful negligence
  • Reservations for families only
  • To cancel the reservation, it must be before the date of entry for a period of not less than 30 days, and an amount of 20 dinars will be deducted from the publicity and advertising fees

Booking Method

  • Sunday to Wednesday: Sunday – Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday
  • weekend : Thursday – Friday – Saturday
  • Week (A): From Sunday to Saturday
  • or
  • week (B): From Thursday to Wednesday